Your attitude is defined by your altitude.


Your attitude is defined by your altitude. 

This phrase was first brought to my attention with one of those cool car builder shows on Discovery Channel. The way the mechanic that used it way to convey the importance to him that lowering a car to the right depth created the attitude or coolness of the car. He was correct there in my assessment.

The phrase hit me this morning as a chance to turn it around to us as individuals.

Your attitude is determined by you altitude.

This morning as with any morning, or day for that matter, where is your altitude?

Meaning, where is your energy level at?

Abraham Hicks and others speak of levels in spiritual terms. And that is what I would like to explore here.

We have a choice through our thoughts to remain present and grateful for that which we have in our lives. 

Our loved ones, a job, freedom, even the sunrise every morning can be a reminder of the beauty of our lives if we choose to see it and participate in that.

This simple choice will raise your altitude. The level in which you vibrate. Which in turn can have an amazing affect on your attitude or how you feel and present yourself to the world. This trend feeds itself as long as you stay in the present and focused on the beauty.

This doesn’t mean ignoring the things that may not be working for you and requiring your attention, just that keeping those things from adjusting your altitude is your choice.

And as far as the things that are going on outside of your influence or your control, know that it is your choice there to, to allow that trauma and drama to alter your altitude.


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