What’s With the Contrast of Life?

Contrast 2

Contrast, or the unpleasant experiences in life happen for us. They are part of the experience of life.

Suffering happens when we remain in the feeling of that moment.

It is a choice to remain there, or to move onto the feeling of what it is we would like to manifest next.

It takes practice to take care of what the moment is asking for but to have the feelings of what it is you would like to have happen be the vibration of your heart.

What this is, is vulnerability. It is the ability to receive any of the feelings that are presented to the heart.

Our lives teach us to wall off and protect our hearts from being hurt. This is just avoidance of feelings. Telling the Universe “I don’t want your gifts of life.” But because the Universe has no definitions of right or wrong, good or bad, the qualifiers we use will not work with the language of the Universe. So the “don’t” in the statement gets lost in translation.

“I want your gifts of life” is what it hears from you.

Marry that up with whatever it is that you are asking not to have, and due to the nature of the Universe, you will have more of that to receive.

The Universe is unconditional in its nature. It takes all and gifts all.

For us to truly be at one with it in our conversations with the Universe, we must become unconditional ourselves.

Unconditional Love is the language that the Universe understands.

That suffering is the result of having conditions in place for our lives.

This is a flawed system.

We are conditional by our nature.

The Universe is unconditional by its nature.

How do we truly speak its language then?

By working through the disappointment of our unmet conditions as fast as we can and move on.

Instead we either stay in the disappointment, or push it down deep in order to hide it away. Either way, the energy and vibration of it is still there speaking to the Universe.

Keeping us in the experience of it or similar energy vibration.

Back to the contrast of life. This is why we are conditional by nature. To provide the sense of contrast, that gives us the experiences and the ability to drive towards that which is calling us. Without the sense of what we don’t like, there is no drive towards what it is we do like.


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