What is Your Vibration Attracting?


I woke up this morning out of a dream that I didn’t quite care for. First time that I remember in some time doing so.

Since then I’ve felt tied in knots. My stomach, my body vibrating in an anxious way, my heart heavy.

There is a shift going on in my life. A relationship that means the world to me has changed.

The dream that I had was a reflection of that. I woke up from a nap in the dream to find that I had missed the chance to say goodbye to this person.

That is when I woke up.

I laid there in bed all tied in knots wishing to have back what had been lost from my perspective and my life.

I took the time to meditate and to listen to Abraham/ Hicks.

Of course on my YouTube dashboard was a recording about finding true love.

Of course that recording is there today! Lol!!

It was an amazing reminder of what brought the relationship into being on the first place.


My vibration.

You see we attract things, experiences and people into our lives that are a vibrational match to our own vibration.

I can actually feel that I have not been vibrating in a match to this person.

What has caused this shift in vibration for me is falling into the narrative that reality has been telling me.

All of the reasons why life isn’t working. This election period and all of the social unrest has certainly affected me, I am quite sensitive to energy that way.

Couple that with a story a friend told me about why he was walking away from his practice as a Naturopathic Doctor, the fact that no one really seemed to care what he was suggesting for them to get better, and how it was causing him to feel useless in that capacity. “No one really cares.” He said to me.

This collapsed my fragile energetic house I had been building up around my own business, my book, my podcast, blogging and so on.

Just pulled me down. Stopped me dead in my tracks.

You see the thing is, what was giving me a great sense of being a contribution and feeling the exchange of energy the Universe shuffles around, was doing all of those things. Regardless of the response or lack of response I was getting.

It didn’t matter to me, I was finding my tribe. My vibratory matches in life.

I was creating from possibility instead of from reality.

In that simple shift of perspective I was creating the reality that I wanted.

Which attracted the people, things and experiences that I enjoy. The vibratory matches to me.

By succumbing to the energy of reality and creating from that, I attracted vibratory matches as well.

A dwindling business, reasons why my book won’t work, no inspiration for blogs, or podcasts.

And of course, the shift in relationships.

And one in particular that has become my canary in a coal mine.

The thing that Abraham said this morning was to spend the time engaged in your own life, feeding the endeavors that fill you with joy and accomplishment.

This will attract the vibrations that are a match to that. Attracting a love that will be fulfilling because you are not looking for that relationship to be the reason you feel happy, but you are happy and attract a happy person who is doing their own thing as well.

A couple of questions:

Where are you in your relationships?

Do you need them to keep you happy?

Or are they a compliment to your life?

For me, back to the practices that make me feel alive. The things that caused me to vibrate in a manner that invited a similar vibrating person into my world in the first place.


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