This is a powerful technique to use with everything we would like to accomplish.

I have used visioning to accomplish everything I have done in athletics and with the development of my body.

I believe that it is the main reason that I succeeded at most of what I set out to accomplish.

It is the times when I have just winged it that my success rate drops significantly.

For those of you that are on the path to losing weight and getting yourself into shape, whatever that means for you, this is a mandatory part of the process! We can’t just wing it here.

As a bodybuilder I was doing exactly what it is you are trying to do. I was changing my body to look a certain way that I at the time didn’t see physically.

I wanted more muscle, less sub cutaneous fat (under the skin. This is the visible fat that “covers” the muscles and lessens the definition that bodybuilding requires) and a symmetrical shape.

I believe that the only way I achieved this is by visioning. I could see in my mind what it was that I wanted to accomplish. 

Yes, I had to put in the work and keep a disciplined approach to it, but it was seeing in my mind what was not only possible, but inevitable that created everything.

We can apply this technique to anything we wish to accomplish. As a matter of fact, it is the way things get done.

We have to be able to lift ourselves out of the “reality” of what we see in front of us and see the possibility of what could be without the thoughts of impossible crowding out this possibility. 

It is important to see this vision as if it has already happened. This is how the possibility becomes reality.

How do we do this?

By taking the time to see in your minds eye exactly what it is that you would like to accomplish. The more detail, the better. 

At first it will take a little longer to form that vision in your head, but as you hone this vision down, you will begin to see it all the time. 

I used pictures of what it was that I wanted to accomplish to help keep my vision on track. Pictures of the body I wanted to have. 

I  am sure you have heard of vision boards, this is the same principle.

However you choose to do this, the key here is keeping that vision in your head no matter what.

You will have perceived setbacks, plateaus, and plenty of people giving their opinion of your quest.

Remaining steadfast in this vision regardless is the key to not only hearing and seeing the possibilities of how to do it, but achieving your targets.

Now, go create your vision, and follow what that vision is asking of you to achieve it!


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