What does that word bring up for you?

I honestly never really tied it to virtuosity, as in someone being a musical virtuoso, but there it is the beginning of the word.


The dictionary definition of the word pulls up among others, the first two:

  • Morally good behavior or character
  • A good and moral quality

It seems as though virtue is a subjective and judgeable trait from those definitions. Virtue is something to strive for to gain the respect of ones peers.

Here is a couple more definitions related to the word virtue:

  • manly strength or courage : valor
  • a commendable quality or trait : merit
  • a capacity to act : potency
  • chastity especially in a woman

I find that last one a bit of a double standard, but I digress here.

I have been known to spend time with tarot cards, and I ran across some different definitions for the word that just ring closer to home for me, and bring up the basis for this blog post.

In reading about the card Virtue (3 of wands for those of you interested) it states:

Opening up and expression of ones virtuosity, talent, skill; being true to yourself; honest self recognition; spirit shines through; virtue is living up to your potential and being true to yourself.

That last one is one I invite you to read again:

Virtue is living up to your potential and being true to yourself.

I find it interesting that in contrast to the dictionary definitions, the ones that we all grew up with in regard to this powerful word, there is no mention of anything that is created from judgment from others in the definitions regarding the tarot card. No societal stick to measure up to, just you being you, me being me. All of you, all of me.

It is about your virtuosity. The virtuosity that you probably at least partially hide for fear of being judged for it.

I know I do. It happens. We strive to fit in, to be one of the in crowd, whatever that crowd may be.

I love to hear that I am a good man. A virtuous man. But the thing is, whose idea of virtuosity am I living up to? Am I trying to live up to expectations of the group, society, my family, girlfriend, or my own?

How about you?

The thing is, we attract the people and things that mean the most to us into our lives by being ourselves, by being virtuous to our special talents, and skills.

We have the greatest chance of maintaining these connections and growing with them throughout our lives by keeping a strong hold to our virtues. The ones we have naturally. Not the ones we adopt for appearances.

What started this writing for me?

I asked a question about having the life I desire.

What was the awareness I received?


Remain virtuous.

Be the virtuoso of your life.


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  1. Really inspiring post, Greg! I’m going to put that on my Post-it note on my computer this week – be the virtuoso of your life. It really brings up all the places I’ve been playing it safe and contrast to where it is I want to head next and who I choose to become. Thanks for the virtual kick in the butt. I needed that.

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