Throwing Rocks in the Air



Do you want this life you see in your dreams to happen?

Do you want this relationship you see in your dreams to happen?

Do you want this body you see in your dreams to happen?

Quit wanting and have it!

The simple decision you make to have it will clear out all of the clutter life throws in the way to reveal the path to having.

I learned this as a bodybuilder. I didn’t want to be a bodybuilder; I became a bodybuilder. And that cleared the way to achieving the success that I produced.

You see, with everything in our lives, you and I need to decide we are that, or we will have that.

The simple act of wanting is to vague. It is too much like throwing a rock in the air and hoping it won’t come down on our heads!

A little shift in mindset to just decide to aim the rock will produce the result away from it landing on our heads.

Time to stop just throwing rocks in the air and wanting them to not land on my head.

How about you?


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