The Path of Least Resistance


What is the path of least resistance?

We are always on our path, but on our journey, are we meeting with resistance? Or are we on a trail of seemingly never ending hurtles blocking our way and tripping us up?

With our adopted habits, our choices, the ability to see the path of least resistance is either reviled, or obscured for us. 

What is interesting is that the path of least resistance is always there. Tantalizingly on the edge of our reach. Just a choice away.

Our choices may lead us just off our path, still heading in the direction we are here to follow, but having to navigate around trees, over rocks, bumping our shins. Stubbing our toes, waking our heads on low hanging branches. All the while, just a slight variation in choice would pop us out onto that smooth trail. No bumps and bruises , just ease.

This is called alignment. And the choices we make to get there and stay there may not be the  momentarily gratifying choice, but the choice that puts us and keeps us on the path of least resistance.

And in the end, isn’t that feeling of flow and progress towards your target more gratifying than that momentary and fleeting gratification of the choice youmay feel is leading you back into the woods?

How do you know a choice is leading you away from the path of least resistance?

Is there an easy feeling, or lightness around the choice? Or is there something nagging at you about it?

Can you project a bit forward after the choice and see a possible result? Does that result feel like your target? Or is it a setback?

The development of those habits that support our chosen journey towards our targets takes practice. There will be skinned knees and bumped heads along the way. 

How many time you bump your head on the same trees is a matter of choice.


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