The Costs of Not Being Present


You and I have both been there. Thinking about something from the past or a potential future event so deeply, we are really there in our minds.

Of course our bodies are here in the present, but we are just sleepwalking through it. Operating on auto pilot.

Do we ever take into consideration the costs of not being present?

Do the mistakes that we make ever register?

I’ll share an example:

This morning I was getting my daughter ready and out the door for school. And of course myself ready to go train clients.

I was on auto pilot, organizing the next few days and wondering how I was going to get everything done that is required.

Busy in my head projecting into the future instead of being right there in the moment with my daughter. Paying attention to her current requirements would have been a good choice though!

As a result, I forgot to put her afternoon snack in her backpack, and… her dose of antibiotics for strep throat!

I figured it out when I got her to school.

So what did it cost me? This preoccupation with the future?

About 45 minutes of my time after I trained a couple of clients. And her dose being a little late.

I made it back to her school and got both taken care of.

What it made me think of though is how many times have I been in my head either in the past or in the future and missed really cool or important cues that would enhance or move my life forward?

How many times has this happened to you?

The thing I have strived to live by, not always good at it but, is the motto:

Take care of the moment. The next one will be ready for you when you get there.

Maybe this article will spark something in you and me for the next time we are caught in the past or present, taking us away from what is happening now to stop, take a breath, and plug back into the moment.


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