Ready To Break Free Of Your Stories?

(Originally posted on 4/20/2016)


I was told today that I could be a great inspiration to people.

Isn’t it interesting when others see something in you that you may not?

I would like to guide people. Well, more people than I have been guiding to this point as a personal trainer.

I’ve needed this time as a trainer no doubt; it has given me a sometimes intimate look into people’s behavior, their hopes and dreams, their darkness.

How is it that we inspire others?

I don’t care for the untouchable guru on the hill stance. This whole portrayal of a level to reach above where the rest of us reside is an arrogant, egotistical one. I can’t do that.

How will I work to inspire people?

I will inspire people by being truthful. By leading by example and showing people I make mistakes, learn from them, and create systems for myself to overcome my own blocks.

I choose to make them mine, and I can chose to let them go as well. And that is the message here.


We all have it, we all can use it, and we all don’t always use this powerful tool. I have, you have, others have gotten stuck in the thinking that there is no choice. Or “I have no choice here.”

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

The only time we have no choice is when we create the illusion of no choice, when we get hung up in the fear of changing something, or the significance of it.

We make choices for our lives, define ourselves by them and hold onto them as if losing them will somehow cause us to disappear.

I wonder, can you relate to this?

I know I do.

I’ve spent so much of my adult life clutching to a definition for myself that crippled any possible movement forward into anything else. It partially toppled a marriage, held me back from career advancements, and has caused me countless hours of despair for not having achieved what I felt I was going to within this definition.

I was going to be a musician. If you have known or followed me for a while, you know this part of my story. I have been playing drums and writing music since I was about 12 years old. I had my first of many rock bands when I was 14. It was all I wanted to be.

As the years during my 20’s and 30’s continued to produce little results as far as turning this into a profession went on, the depression of trying and trying grew. The definition of musician for me was being torn down. I was being torn down.

You see, I had so identified myself with being a musician that I didn’t see anything else I do and be.

I lost sight of what I was to employers, friends, family, my now ex-wife.

My daughter has thankfully been around now since I have been choosing myself, over the story I created of the definition of musician.

I use this example everyday as a cautionary story for myself whenever I find myself clinging to a story of my life I or someone else has written for me.

I offer it to you as the same.

You see, we are only our stories when we choose them.

We get to choose them again and again, or not.

What happens when we create now ones every moment?

I am not suggesting to forsake any responsibilities you have in regard to choices you have made for yourself willingly, just that when those responsibilities begin to get to be routine and a burden on your happiness, maybe taking a moment to re-frame them. The choice to do them differently is yours as well.

But when it comes time to recognize the bailout point of a story in your life in favor of a new one, are you afraid to make that shift?

Are you clinging to the old one because that is all you know, or because you made a promise to yourself or to someone else?

Are you clinging to it because you are afraid of the step into the new you?

This one is the one that got me. I knew me as a musician. I didn’t see myself as a potential inspirational writer, speaker, trainer, coach or guide.

But here it is! Here I am!

Ready to inspire.

So how will I do that again?

By letting go of that which does not serve me anymore and by boldly stepping into the new frontiers of my life.

I lead by example.


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