Pattern Interrupts

(Originally posted 4/4/2016)

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I had a pretty cool experience this morning with something called a pattern interrupt. I was listening to master meditator davidji introduce the idea this morning.
It is a simple process that you can use to bring meditation into your day anywhere, anytime.


So if you have had this thought that you don’t have time to meditate in during your day, this is an amazing simple and quick way to bring the practice into your routine.

It takes about 15 seconds. David sets it at 16 seconds, but hey, even 10 seconds will work.

When you catch yourself in one of those moments of your life that are stressing you out, work, kids, bills, traffic, anxiety about the past, worry of the future, give this a go;

Take a nice long deep breath in, all the way into your belly. Master meditators suggest a spot about 3 inches bellow your navel to aim for.

Feel in going in and down into your belly.

Hold it there for a moment. Feel it inside you.

Then let it slowly flow back out.

Feel it leaving your body.

Pause for a moment before you take your next breath.

Now what just happened?

For that 15 or so seconds, you came into the present. Right here, right now. You lowered your heart rate. You shoulders probably dropped. The pressure in your torso most likely released.

You were here.

Not in the past, or the future, or in the perceived complications of the day.

Maybe a solution to what you were working on showed up!


For that moment you stopped trying and doing, and you were just being.

You can string multiple instances of these together as long as you require.

Here is another cool use of this practice:

Next time you are heading to
The kitchen, or stopping off at a fast food source like the store for a mindless grab of some food, try this breathing technique to see of the craving disappears for you.

It will give you the time to ask yourself what am I getting this food for?

Am I really hungry?

Am I filling some other hole that is there? Is there something else I can do to feel fulfilled?

Or am I mindlessly following a habit or pattern?

See? Maybe time for a pattern interrupt!

Check out the original video from davidji here:

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