Love rules! All the time!

(Originally posted on 4/30/2016)



Love rules! All the time!

“Love is gentle as a rose
And love can conquer any war
It’s time to take a stand
Brothers and sisters join hands”

“We got to let love rule
Let love rule “

-Lenny Kravitz

I had this situation this morning I thought I would share;

I dropped my kiddo of at school, and started to leave. I was waiting to make a right hand turn at a 4 way stop that a cross walk attendant was walking the other kids across. Once done, I looked, and began to make my right turn. That’s when I heard it. An angry horn honk, and a the windows rolling down on the red Volvo that was making a left turn all of a sudden right in front of me!

This dude laid on the horn, rolled down both passenger side windows to point and yell something at me, with his kids in the car no less.

I gestured for him to just move on, which he did and pulled over to let his kids out for school.

I felt anger and a need to point out to him that I remember that right turns have the right away at a 4 way stop.

My need to be right welled up inside. I wanted to rail on him about what kind of example was he setting for his kids, well you probably know the story and have had a similar one or five of your own huh?

I continued on my drive to Starbucks to write and post ads, all of the internet work (fun) I do to raise awareness for the training and coaching that I do for work.

I stewed for a moment in the anger I felt towards that dude. Until… I thought, “what if he followed me to Starbucks. What would I do?”

I imagined the conversation that would ensue. His anger at me for taking his turn and almost causing an accident, my anger for him not following the rules of the road, yadda, yadda.

Then something cool happened in my mind;

I imagined what it would feel like to offer to buy his coffee for him because it seems as though he was having a tough morning.

This scenario didn’t really happen, but it did in my mind, and the effect was amazing! The feeling and energy of anger, and the need to be right disappeared. I immediately felt peaceful.

How much fun would it have been for that to have really happened?

I don’t know how he would have received the gesture, all I do know is the effect of shifting out of the anger and frustration of a past moment and into Love in the present shifted my energy, thoughts and feelings, putting me in an amazing space of Bliss and Joy.

After all, isn’t that the effect we are all looking for regardless of the outside circumstances?

This I find now is being in a state of unconditional Love. Letting go of anything related to fear or hate, and being in Love. We can look at as being in love with the moment if it feels uncomfortable to feel in love with another human being or circumstance. Be in love with the moment, whatever the moment is bringing.

Unconditional is unconditional.

To try to understand unconditional only puts conditions on it and it is no longer unconditional. Just let it be unconditional. We know what that feels like.

So why is unconditional love so much more important to our bliss in embodiment, our joy or happiness?

It is more important because love feels so much better in our hearts than hate or fear.

Hate or fear create a misalignment with what we desire, which is love.

And since we speak to that which is unconditional with our feelings, what our feelings are become unconditional.

Think about that a moment: I know I have been since this came to me. You can have unconditional hate/ fear as well.

And when we straddle the fence between them, love and fear, we create a confusion of sorts with the message we are sending out through our hearts with our feelings. So our predominant feelings will bring about what we are asking for. More reasons to either fear, or to Love. But it can kind of wobble between the two right? I know I feel that.

It’s not that we need to push out the hate or fear, because that doesn’t remove it. Those feelings will still be there to validate the existence of unconditional Love for us.
So we reach the state of unconditional love not when we push out the hate or fear, but when we realize that it is not compatible with love and let them go.

This has been an interesting trip from an almost accident, to unconditional Love huh?

Let Love rule all you Lovelies!


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