Look at That Mountain!


Man, when you look at the mountain in front of you, taking in the whole of it, things can get a bit intimidating!

The mountain of debt, school work, or weight loss ahead of you can look impossible to overcome.

So what do you do? 

It seems most of us just give up at that point. Writing it off as “something I’ll get to later, when I have more time”. Or just push it aside, and ignore it forever. 

What happens then? 

Does the mountain in front of you continue to get bigger?

Usually huh?!

How about this;

Take a page from one of your successes in life. Do the little steps everyday that it takes to get that mountain climbed!

So today: 

Instead of looking at the whole of the mountain, look at what step you can do today to move you one or two steps up the mountain.

If it is debt, pick one bill and pay on it. Or call your debtors and negotiate a payment plan that can work.

If it is school work you are looking at, a degree that is looking like it will take the better part of a decade to finish off, if you can at all! What with the family, job, house, and kids. 

Sign up for a class and do it. You will find the time in your schedule.

If it is a health or weight loss journey, go for a walk, go to the gym, eat some veggies today instead of cookies and bread.

See how you feel after doing that one or two steps.

Smile, acknowledge your achievement for the day, get a good nights sleep, do it again tomorrow!


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