I Stopped Meditating!


I do this to myself from time to time. I stop meditating. Just stop. I get focused on other things like wanting more sleep, or watching tv, or surfing the Internet. Anything but the meditation practice I have in the morning.

And what happens?

I stop creating.

The thoughts in my mind become more negative and begin to influence my experience in life.

I fall into habits that waste time.

I eat more, watch more tv, sleep longer, never really feeling rested.

I attract very mundane and ordinary events into my life.

And normal everyday things and people in my life lose their magic.

Pretty soon, I find myself depressed.

It is interesting when we look at this from an energy standpoint.

Our personal energy comes from other sources than food. We are just conditioned in this reality to only see food as a source of energy and rest of sleep as the only way to renew ourselves.

There is more going on than that though.

We have an unlimited source of energy that flows in, around and through us. Providing so much of our personal energy.

We have ways to tap into this source, and ways that we can block it.

One of the most powerful ways I have found to tap into this source of energy is through meditation.

It doesn’t take much for me either, and I suspect that even the 15-20 minutes I do in the morning would work for you as well.

The meditation is only the beginning though.

It sets the tone for you for the day. Providing a foundation for the creativity that flows uniquely through you to be relatively effortless. So the work and play you do throughout the day actually infuses you with energy instead of robbing you.

And if I find myself in a space where I feel my energy waiting, a quick visit back to focusing on my breathing for a moment or two will bring about that connection to source energy again.

Allowing that flow to continue.

Give a short meditation a try tomorrow and see what happens for you.

It doesn’t really require much, just a quiet space where you can be undisturbed for 15-20 minutes.

Begin by focusing on your breathing, purposeful in and out breaths deep into your belly and slow exhales. And let your mind go.

If you get tangled up in thoughts that are leading you away from the moment, just bring your attention back to your breathing.

Set a calm bell to go off on your phone of something at around 20 minutes.

The effects of this last and pay off well past the 20 minutes you just spent doing it.


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