I Must Have This!


When the feeling of what you desire outweighs the loss of what you sacrifice to gain that goal, that’s when the magic happens.

That is when you attract into your life all of what you require to make it happen. The habits, the people, the resources show up for you to choose and make progress.

If it stays an “I should do this”, this process doesn’t happen.

When that I should do this shifts to “I must have this!”, the ball rolls.

The resources to shift your habits, those thoughts, information, and people to guide you will be there. It is then up to you to choose those habits that support your “I must have this!”.

It will never be that the negatives will disappear. Those negative thoughts or negative events will show up.

Your “I must have this!” will be the strength to course correct in the face of adversity or contrast.

Everything you require to get where you desire to go resides inside of you. It is choice. Your choice.

I know you all have had these experiences in your life. Maybe it was getting that degree you had to have, or a job, a car, or just a moment of quiet for yourself.

When you framed it into a “I must have this!”, it became a reality before it was your experience.
I like to use the experience of being a bodybuilder for mine.

I created it as a “I must have this!” and everything I needed to achieve it showed up for me. In relatively short order (2 1/2 years) I went from basically my couch to the bodybuilding stage, placing in the top 3 of both categories I entered.

More than that, I felt and looked as though I belonged there.

It became a “I must have this!” for me. My habits then created the reality.

You have done this as well. We all can continue to do this.

Tony Robbins speaks of getting to the point where the pain of not doing something outweighs the pain of doing it. That could be getting off the couch to become a bodybuilder. Or it could be shifting habits from eating fast food all the time, to making yourself whole, nutrient dense meals instead.

Tony also talks about associating pleasure with the journey and outcome of that which becomes basically your “I must have this!”.

As we roll into the new year, 2017, do you have a “I must have this!” in mind?

Do you have something in your mind you would like to do that could become a “I must have this!”?

What would it take to get inspired to shift into gear to obtain your “I must have this!”?

Go get it!


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