I Am!

(Originally posted on 5/11/2016)

I Am


How do you use the words I AM? Do they preface words like; depressed, sad, broke, poor, fat, sick, sick and tired, too short, to tall, or ugly most of the time?

Or does I AM preface words like; special, wonderful, good, great, amazing, rich, wealthy, beautiful, and grateful?

In the Old Testament, when Moses is talking to the burning bush he asks the bush, “who are you?” The bush replies, “I AM all that I AM.”

I AM is literally the name of God, so speaking this with descriptive words after it takes those words from the realm of possibility into the realm of reality.

If you were to become more conscious of your usage of the words I AM, what could shift for you? Mind you, it is neither good nor bad how those words are followed, what you say after them, just that the possibilities of bringing into reality that which you speak becomes greater.

So many of us use this to define ourselves and it becomes all that we are.

I AM fat.

What kind of energy does that phrase have to it for you?

How about this one:

I AM Beautiful!

Do you feel any difference between those two when you say them?

Which one feels more like a truth to you? Really feel into this one. Don’t be afraid to go with the one that doesn’t fit with what the rest of the world may be telling you.

See the thing is you get to choose these. They are only chosen for you by friends, loved ones, or society when you allow them to be.

We will be bombarded with labels from outside sources all of the time. What if you choose to stick the I AM’s in front of the ones that truly resonate with you?


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