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I have had expectations, and continue to have them for myself, other people and situations.

Funny thing about expectations though; most of the time they go unmet, and create discontent within me.

Sometimes anger, frustration, sadness and depression show up as well.

All taking me away from the moment, the place where everything happens, where all of the awareness required to have something turn out sometimes better than the expectation I had.

It’s not that I don’t like it when people or situations show as advertised, just that I have been working on the allowance for variability.

It just works better when I give leeway for latitude in these situations.

Holding tightly on to a particular outcome creates a situation where something will break. That is usually me, my peace, joy, bliss and happiness.

This is where I create or see the best, where my greatness lies.

Staying in bliss.

So, How am I learning how to let go of expectation enough to not be disappointed when something doesn’t turn out like I imagine, someone doesn’t show up like they said, or I don’t come through with something I needed to do?

It is just as simple as that.

I let go.

I let go of my need to be right.

I let go of my need for things to turn out as I expected them to.

There is a simple statement I say to myself:

My happiness and joy isn’t determined by outside events or other people’s choices, or even mine.

My happiness is my choice. I bring happiness into my world. Not the other way around.
If I come up short I ask myself simply where can I do better now, or next time?

If I remain open, other possibilities show up. It is up to me to see them and act on them, but if I stayed focused on the unmet expectation, I may miss those possibilities.

The ability to see possibilities requires being plugged into the moment. The best way I have found to plug into the moment is to not be at the affect of the situations going on around me.


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