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(Originally posted on 4/25/2016)



What does it feel like to know you exist in the abundance of God or the Universe?

That everything you ask for is being provided for you just as you ask?

These are a couple of the questions that have been brought to my attention this morning.
I’ve been asked to look at what I focus on, the emotion that I associate with it, and the feelings I create from that.

This is what is creating my now.

Every now that I have.

I have been asked to start creating my nows from a story I write that reflects what it is that I desire, instead of what it is that I am living right now or what it is that I have lived in the past.

So instead of telling my story as it is, the story of the problems I face, the concern for not having enough money to pay for everything, or not enough clients to fill up my work schedule, or the worry of losing everything, not being able to take care of my daughter and her needs, I am being asked to tell a different story.

One of what it is that I would like my life to be, and to tell it like that is the truth of my life.

I am being told that by telling my story like it is right now, or as it has been, telling the truth of the reality of it, that just brings about more of that story for me.

But that is the truth. That is the story I am living. So telling it any different is a lie. At least that is what I have been conditioned to know. And telling a lie is frowned upon in this life.

Telling a lie is bad right?

No one likes a liar.

So how could God or the Universe like me if I lie?

These are the thoughts I have about telling things any different than they are.
But here are the interesting shifts in thought I was shown this morning;

Telling your story based upon where it is that you are going is not a lie right?

We have done this our whole life.

“Where are you going Greg?” “I am going to the gym to workout.” Or, “I am going to the store.”

These events haven’t happened yet, they are not part of my current story, I am not already at the gym or the store right?

I am telling where I am going and that isn’t a lie. I am not responding to the questions with, “I am sitting on my couch.”

If I continue to tell the story of I am sitting on my couch, would that most likely be what continues to come about?

God or the Universe provides whatever it is that that we are thinking and feeling about.
If I am thinking of staying on the couch, I will find more abundance of opportunity to stay on the couch.

If I am thinking and feeling, or telling my story of I am going to the store, I will find the abundance of opportunity to go to the store.

If I continue to tell my story that I don’t have enough money, the abundance of ways to not have enough money are shown to me.

If I tell my story that I have plenty of clients to fill my work schedule and pay me more than enough money for those services I provide, then the abundance of opportunities for that story show up.

Simple right?

That is what I am being told.

So what does it take I ask?

I am told that whenever I am compelled to tell the story to myself of not enough, rise above the story, and tell the story of where I am going instead.

This is not burying my head in the sand; it is simply looking to where I want to go.
Not where I have been, or where I want to avoid.

God or the Universe will provide infinite opportunities to follow in the direction of my story.

It breaks down to this:

We have a choice in every moment to choose living our lives or to choose to create our lives.

Am I just living this life? Or am I creating it?

How about you?


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