Caught In The Dogma?


It’s this place we as beings get to when we think our way is the only and right way. When we can no longer entertain the possibility that someone else may have a valid and possible point of view.

The best examples of this seem to exist in religion and politics. When we as people get to that place where our God, the word of our God are the only way to live our lives, or the only way we get to some afterlife filled with angels, peace and good climate, well we may be caught in the dogma of that religion.

When we begin to look down on others for having a different political view, backing an opposing candidate or the other side of an amendment, calling them stupid or uninformed because they have a different view, we are caught in the dogma.

The inability to see the possibility of another valid point of view and considering yours as the right one is narcissism at its height.

I like to look at it from the point of view; would you rather be right or happy?

This isn’t about tolerance either. I’ve grown to think that tolerance is just a cop out anyway.

Let me explain:

While having tolerance for someone else’s choices is a great place to start, it still creates that sense of conflict in your mind. One that may not be able to be fully overcome in your dealings with that person. Which may color the way you act, respond, and react to that person. You still don’t have allowance for that person’s choices being different, you just tolerate them.

Can you build a meaningful relationship based upon tolerance?

I submit that if you have to tolerate someone and their choices, the time with that person may need to be reduced in your life.

However, what if you were able to shift to allowance instead of tolerance?

Allowance is a place where you feel no threat from this person or their choices. It’s a place where your convictions about your choices and beliefs are rock solid for you, and you can recognize that the same may be true for others.

What kind of peace can you have for yourself and your life in this place?

I am going to suggest something to you that maybe you have heard before, but you will attract into your life based upon what you think about.

If you are unsure about your thoughts and choices, you may bring into your world support for that and chances to defend those choices.

Is that peaceful for you?


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